Manchester United official website: Cristiano Ronaldo’s speed is astonishing, 36-year-old is still at the top of the world

Manchester United’s official website recently wrote an article highly praised Ronaldo, that the Portuguese star still has the top body and top shooting skills, he is still at the peak of his career. Manchester United tröja

According to OPTA statistics, Cristiano Ronaldo’s top speed in the race against Newcastle was 34.2 km/h. This data can be ranked second, second only to teammate Wan Pisaka. Ronaldo’s second goal against Newcastle fully demonstrated his super acceleration ability. He used his speed to throw off the opposing defender and finally volleyed the goal. This goal showed Ronaldo’s incredible physical fitness. Ronaldo tröja

Ronaldo is a data harvester. He is the third-year-old player to score twice in the British top league since Graham Alexander of Burnley 11 years ago and Giggs in 2013. At the same time, he also broke the record for the longest time between two Premier League games held by Crystal Palace defender Delaney. Matchtröjor fotboll

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